Grabe offers circular, conical, cylindrical and lamellar decanters


The industrial Equipment space brings together grabe an extensive assortment of specialties of an diverse nature with regard to markets and processes, but a few of its common faculties in every them is your need to transform industrial models or processes involving nimble, flexible and adaptive production procedures totally robust.

These Ailments Allow increasing the competitiveness of companies, personalizing manufacturing, and decreasing product shipping occasions, promising providers, and making tight margins and many different problems.
The industrial Equipment industry Grabe fulfills this difference, because it appreciates the features and prerequisites of customers who ask solutions and presents them with proposals that completely comply with everything they are requesting.

It utilizes its Equipment from the processes of boilermaking, machining, processing and welding of plastics; nevertheless, it will not sub-contract other businesses for these methods due to the fact that they consider these vital. Thus they offer their clients flexibility, good quality and endurance from the production of solutions for industrial procedures.
It’s a company That offers options of high technological degree and in a personalized manner of the industrial processes of aeration, agitation, pumping, break, dosing, storage, and among other procedures , which might be applicable to some segment of their industry.

Grabe works in a business Linked to industrial procedures that compels its growth and development. The industrial equipment business in Brazil has allowed a industrial maturation of the truly amazing Native American nation from 1930 before today.

It’s a commercial Ally of the pulp and paper industry, mining, oil, steel, aeronautics, pure gas, petro chemicals, bioethanol, meats, sciences, chemistry and several other sectors. Its main customers are organizations with a recognized track listing for example Petrobras, Henkel, Bayer, Arcelor, Mittal, Alcoa, Nexa, Vale, Kinross, Sabesp, PPG and a lot much more.
As an Example, for Wastewater-treatment it includes options with decanters of the highest technological point. The decanter is basic products due to it that the sludge and solids present from water can be split, complying with regulations.

Grabe Delivers curved, Conical, cylindrical and lamellar decanters that allow the exact distance a particle needs traveling until it decants is much less than at a traditional decanter, guaranteeing a far better utilization of distance. They’re teams with their very own designs that you will scarcely find in the marketplace.