High-strength leather shoulder holstersare what you can find at Kirkpatrick.

Given That the holster is your interface cowboy holsters among your weapon along with Your own body, it is definitely a crucial bit of products. A poorly designed or badly adapted holster may result in vexation, a compromised shooter, and even the reduction in one’s weapon. For these factors, selecting a suitable instance deserves serious contemplation.

For 70 years that the case manufacturing business has led the Kirkpactrick Leather Company. Their mission has been that the making of lace covers is now become a artwork, manufactured by hand, by highly proficient artisans that are professional. Adhering to a practice of continual design and style, innovation to ensure that your clients are happy with your requirements. You can rely on un-matched service guarantee, the finest high quality leather, as well as the ideal suit your weapon requirements.

Back in Kirkpatrick the number will be numerous to Pick from one of the leather Covers for the units:

Cowboy holsters, with double tiles, entirely lined in Leather, with guaranteed sturdiness and resistant, immune to day-to-day use and customized. In many fashions such as Western pictures, television classics, and 1-800 RE Play. Other available fashions are decline leg and also cowboy action circumstances to contend.

Lace shoulder holsters, designed to measure using three different fashions: X-Carry Design, with a gentle and also versatile tap, elastic strap allowing comfort in motions. Detective Carry, having a simple style of the palm , molded holster at a very comfortable delicate leather harness. Even the HD-Carry supports weighty weapons, exceptionally resistant, so with a comfortable wide use.

Crossdraw holsters, manufactured by hand with guaranteed caliber leather. Completely lined in leather and formed by hand therefore the perfect fit is ensured.

All of the leather instances offered by Kirkpatrick along with also the crossdraw holsters are beautiful since Well as practical. You have top quality OWB, IWB, and shoulder holster selections for 1911 designs. Additionally, custom holsters for 1911, Sig Sauer, Glock, and a lot additional revolvers. Free transportation.